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"Great machine shop. WCMS team and Andre did quite some machining work for us and they’ve proven to
Fast turnaround high quality components
WCMS - you’re one stop machine shop for fast and efficient turnaround of machined quality components
Proto typing & 3D design
With our unprecedented engineering experience and industry knowledge we are here to help y...
Breakdown machining service
Breakdown machining service to machine your parts now! Dealing with a machine breakdown can be...
Low Cost Precision CNC Machining
West Coast Machining Services was started to bring high quality, fast turnaround with low...

Latest Engineering News

AWS D1.1 Certified Welding and Fabrication Services
June 14, 2019
West Coast Machining Services is proud to now be able to offer in house CNC machined components along with certified welding and fabrication servicesHigh Qu...
High Speed Machining Leading The Way In Jobbing Shops
February 10, 2018
High speed machining is usually associated with any spindle speed above 15k rpm, but it is much more than just a faster spindle. The whole machine must be consi...
Cryogenic Machining Drastically Improves Cycle Times
October 10, 2017
Liquid nitrogen insert cooling extends insert life and allows greater use of low-cost ceramic inserts for hard turning cryogenic machining operations. Cubic bo...
Optimized Milling Strategy for Five-Axis Titanium Blisk Machining
September 5, 2017
Optimized Milling Strategy for Five-Axis Titanium Blisk Machining - Many of the new designs for both military- and civil-aircraft turbine engines feature blisk ...
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