West Coast Machining Services is proud to now be able to offer in house CNC machined components along with certified welding and fabrication services

High Quality Welding and Fabrication for a Variety of Metals

Carbon Steel

The weld-ability of carbon steel is dependent on its chemical composition.

Most carbon steels are high-iron, but other elements can be added to the steel to influence its welding capabilities.

Welding carbon steel requires knowledge of the carbon content and equivalency of the steel, as well as its cooling rate and any other notable chemical composition concerns.

Stainless Steel

Recent experimentation and innovations in the production of stainless steel has resulted in a variety of materials with enhanced performance and aesthetics.

Welding stainless steel is relatively straightforward. The process is similar to welding carbon steel, but requires a greater degree of care and control when it comes to heating and cooling.


Welding aluminum presents a handful of challenges that welding carbon and stainless steel do not.

We know there’s a greater degree of crack sensitivity that needs to be considered.

Therefore selecting the correct filler metal, storage options and cleaning methodology is essential.

We use specialized welding techniques carried out correctly in order to ensure success.

Our shop is now well-equipped to handle a variety of welding projects and look forward to hearing from you soon!